Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The "Coming Light" Exhibit

Celebrating Christmas through Art and Music

Reflecting on Advent, the Incarnation, Light, Birth, Waiting, Glory...

Brought to you by: Jennifer Lynn Haas and Sarah Dawn Bokma

Opening Night: Saturday December 13th, at the Freeway Cafe (333 King St. East, Hamilton), doors will open at 7pm and will close at 11pm.

Tickets: Can be purchased at the door for $10 per adult or $15 for two adults. $5 per student and children are FREE!

Local emerging artists will be featured along with live music performed by hamilton musicians. Come on out and support their creative expressions and celebrate Christmas with them!

Art work will be for sale. Thoses wishing to purchase a piece can do so through the Freeway Cafe or by contacting the artist. Art work will be on display at the Freeway Cafe for the month of December.

(photo taken at the event)

Art shown at this exhibit by Jennifer Lynn Haas include: "Perspective & Glory","She will be saved Through childbirth", "Advent: Cleaning Dirty Laundry", "After the Angel had Left"

"Perspective & Glory" is about taking a good look at the nativity—to see the glory displayed in both simple and extravagant ways. To “walk” around the entire scene and take it all in. See the love and worship displayed along with human fragility and brokenness.

"She will be Saved Through Childbirth" shows the many layers to the true Christmas story through the layers of image and paper. This metanarative began with a rebellion against God and a promise that God would intercede and reconnect our hearts to Him. This piece looks at the promise, and rejoices at its fulfillment.

"Advent: Cleaning Dirty Laundry" is a piece about Advent. For Christians, Advent is a time of preparation--of repentance--as they await their King and Saviour, Jesus. In this piece I investigate how humankind must regularly keep clean and ‘do the laundry’...this idea ties in with needing to regularly confess sins. Also, since their is a drying process for any and all washing, cleaning has a quality of waiting about it. So too for Advent, Christians await the promised Messiah who can truly make them 'clean'.
The Christian colour for advent is purple. The dark sky is reflective of that. Purple means mourning (our sins) and royalty (King Jesus is coming). The sky also indicates that much time has past; the night sky turns into twilight and than to dawn. With the light, so comes the promised Saviour.

"After the Angel had Left" is a piece looks at Mary and her response to the Angel’s news; she will conceive and give birth to a son who will save. I wonder what her face would have looked like just after…filled with wonder, concern, peace, questions. My wondering leads me to ask: How will I respond to God’s call, or more yet, how will I respond to this son who saves?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Title: Stay
Size: 18.75 inches x 42.75 inches x 0.25 inches (Unframed)
Date: October 2008
Medium: CarbOthello chalk-pastel on Arches paper (matted)

I dreamt of a storm that covered the landscape with rushing waters. The only safe place was a great tree with deep roots found at the top of a hill. Instead of fleeing to the mountain peeks, freedom was to be found by staying in the presence of this mighty natural fortress. There is nothing to fear amidst the branches of One who is mighty to save.

The Freedom Show

Art which expressed and celebrated "Freedom" was displayed at the Freeway Cafe (333 King Street East, Hamilton) in November. A number of local artists and musicians exhibited their talents, including Jennifer Lynn Haas and Sarah Dawn Bokma. The opening night drew in huge crowds and was reported to have been a great evening of celebration! Freedom was expressed through original art, lyrical music, and African dance. The art continued to be on display for the entire month. Those interested to purchase the artwork can do so through the Freeway.

limited edition giclee prints are available in 10"x14". priced at $100 each.

Tree of Life
Date: Apirl 2008
Medium: acrylic wash, watersoluble wax pastels, charcoal, conte on paper.

Its branches are gnarled and twisted and they hang heavy on the trunk. Yet the trees' thin shoots always reach straight up to the sky in hopeful expectation. That is like me and you. The tree speaks of both our tendency to settle for twisted lies and how in desperation we cry out to the Lord of heaven to pour out grace and truth on us. As we grow in truth and grace, we reach out to those around us. This tree has a short sturdy base and a wide reach, so in this way it "just takes off" like a vine, spreading out with this good news. There are 6 out of 10 giclee prints of this piece out in circulation. This piece has been featured in Comment Magazine, Nov 2008.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New City Commission

I am privileged and excited to share with you this banner. It was commissioned by New City Church which is celebrating its first public service on October 4th. The church's vision to to bring the whole gospel to Hamilton until Hamilton is whole.

This banner is about making things new. By the power of the cross, Jesus has conquered death and will one day renew everything that he has made. As a church body, we are sent into the world to begin this act of renewal, to be an outpouring presence of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. The kingdom of God is here, and not yet here - it looks like beauty, goodness, and truth.

The colours in this banner allude to new growth and washing water. To make clean again, to heal, to transform, to bring new life. The gold displays the majesty and power of the risen Christ! The gold also reminds us of the Spirit and how it is a Refiners Fire purifying our faith through trials.

In the making of this banner many washes were done. One could even say that it overflowed with water and was saturated to the point of fragility. I like this fact because in the process of healing by Yahweh Rophe we are made weak yet blessed by an abundance of love which floods our hearts, minds, and bodies. Our God wants his people made whole again.

So I would like to call this banner "I am making all things new". Its a promise made by Jesus. Its one we can depend on and even see being made in the present. New City Church is one testimony among many.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Giclee Prints Now Available for order! (Limited Edition of 5)

I am selling a limited edition of this painting entitled 'two vases in whites' as giclee prints on fine art paper. They are $300 each and there are five in the limited series. The size of each print is 20"x29 1/2".

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one. I've already sold two...

A Way Has Been Made: Senior Student Exhibition

Jennifer in front of her "Here be Monsters; There be Grace" series displayed at Redeemer University College's Senoir Student Exhibition.

Part of the "Here be Monsters; There be Grace" series, specifically it is the second piece in a series of five charcoal drawings.

This series is close to my heart. It was displayed as a part of my Senior student exhibit entitled 'A Way Has Been Made'

It is about a boy, but it should be mostly about the bird.

I live in a neighbourhood that make me full of delight. Often I will wander down roads of old homes, mature trees and fragrant gardens, thinking and praying for the community.
One day I found a sculpture tucked behind the catholic cathedral. It was a discovery of love. The Holy Family cuddled together, craddling each other in arms of love. Their feet were exposed, their expressions were honest: it made me feel vulnerable and treasured at the same time.
I return to visit them in the morning, and sometimes at night; to be apart of their tenderness, to learn about their love.
I have taken pictures of them, I have sketched them, but I have not yet captured in essense what they quest continues....

"Wandering for Coby" captures the rough wildness of her surrounding, and pauses at the beauty of quiet reflections. She wanders through the woods, through the meadows, carrying with her her own thoughts, her heart full. She is delighted to be found admist the wilds of nature, and the wilderness seems to echo her inner emotions. She and the creation are one in feeling - both beautiful, both wild, both alone, yet sharing the company of each other.
I am an artist who believes that the meaning of a piece has potential to be expanded upon as a viewer interact with it. A piece of art can speak beyond an artists' intent and a very good piece "keeps talking" so to I just wanted to add another person's insights on this piece: "I like the open space, its like freedom, exploration and contemplation. She is in the moment and loving it! I feel refreshed when I look at it."

"May Tulips" was inspired from time spent at the Royal Botantical Gardens during the Tulip Festival.

"Jennifer, After Picasso" came out of an assignment which asked me to study a piece of modern art (in this case: "The Head" by Pablo Picasso) and than adapt its style into a new piece.