Monday, October 6, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New City Commission

I am privileged and excited to share with you this banner. It was commissioned by New City Church which is celebrating its first public service on October 4th. The church's vision to to bring the whole gospel to Hamilton until Hamilton is whole.

This banner is about making things new. By the power of the cross, Jesus has conquered death and will one day renew everything that he has made. As a church body, we are sent into the world to begin this act of renewal, to be an outpouring presence of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. The kingdom of God is here, and not yet here - it looks like beauty, goodness, and truth.

The colours in this banner allude to new growth and washing water. To make clean again, to heal, to transform, to bring new life. The gold displays the majesty and power of the risen Christ! The gold also reminds us of the Spirit and how it is a Refiners Fire purifying our faith through trials.

In the making of this banner many washes were done. One could even say that it overflowed with water and was saturated to the point of fragility. I like this fact because in the process of healing by Yahweh Rophe we are made weak yet blessed by an abundance of love which floods our hearts, minds, and bodies. Our God wants his people made whole again.

So I would like to call this banner "I am making all things new". Its a promise made by Jesus. Its one we can depend on and even see being made in the present. New City Church is one testimony among many.