Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Giclee Prints Now Available for order! (Limited Edition of 5)

I am selling a limited edition of this painting entitled 'two vases in whites' as giclee prints on fine art paper. They are $300 each and there are five in the limited series. The size of each print is 20"x29 1/2".

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one. I've already sold two...

A Way Has Been Made: Senior Student Exhibition

Jennifer in front of her "Here be Monsters; There be Grace" series displayed at Redeemer University College's Senoir Student Exhibition.

Part of the "Here be Monsters; There be Grace" series, specifically it is the second piece in a series of five charcoal drawings.

This series is close to my heart. It was displayed as a part of my Senior student exhibit entitled 'A Way Has Been Made'

It is about a boy, but it should be mostly about the bird.

I live in a neighbourhood that make me full of delight. Often I will wander down roads of old homes, mature trees and fragrant gardens, thinking and praying for the community.
One day I found a sculpture tucked behind the catholic cathedral. It was a discovery of love. The Holy Family cuddled together, craddling each other in arms of love. Their feet were exposed, their expressions were honest: it made me feel vulnerable and treasured at the same time.
I return to visit them in the morning, and sometimes at night; to be apart of their tenderness, to learn about their love.
I have taken pictures of them, I have sketched them, but I have not yet captured in essense what they hold...my quest continues....

"Wandering for Coby" captures the rough wildness of her surrounding, and pauses at the beauty of quiet reflections. She wanders through the woods, through the meadows, carrying with her her own thoughts, her heart full. She is delighted to be found admist the wilds of nature, and the wilderness seems to echo her inner emotions. She and the creation are one in feeling - both beautiful, both wild, both alone, yet sharing the company of each other.
I am an artist who believes that the meaning of a piece has potential to be expanded upon as a viewer interact with it. A piece of art can speak beyond an artists' intent and a very good piece "keeps talking" so to speak...so I just wanted to add another person's insights on this piece: "I like the open space, its like freedom, exploration and contemplation. She is in the moment and loving it! I feel refreshed when I look at it."

"May Tulips" was inspired from time spent at the Royal Botantical Gardens during the Tulip Festival.

"Jennifer, After Picasso" came out of an assignment which asked me to study a piece of modern art (in this case: "The Head" by Pablo Picasso) and than adapt its style into a new piece.