Thursday, April 30, 2009

Title: Harvest Glory
Size: 21 inches x 25 inches x 3/4 inch (Framed)
Date: July 2008
Medium: acrylic, india ink, carbothello on paper

The piece delights in, and brings honour to, the harvest through image and colour. It playfully contrasts the riches of the earth's harvest with man's urbanization. This is depicted through the organic image of wheat verses the geometric shapes of industry. Overall, the piece ponders the relationship between humans and their natural environment.

Title: Tide
Size: 17 inches x 21 inches x 1.5 inches (Framed)
Date: July 2008
Medium: acrylic paint and watersoluble wax pastels on canvas.

Today we are faced with the threat of environmental destruction. Looking at the tide which follows the moon in rhythm each day I am reminded of the constancy of its cycle in spite of the harm done to its waters. So too we who have been given the task of tending creation can raise up to act, knowing that ultimately the earth depends on its Maker to sustain it in spite of our failure in our task. It is a piece of hope for the environment and a call for a nurturing humanity.

This landscape is both alive and still, cool and warm. It brings a peace over my mind and a promise of warmth beyond the next horizon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Title: Washed & Free
size: 72" x 36"
medium: acrylic washes & ink pen

I've been playing with washes and have been captivated by the act of repetitively soaking a canvas in slightly tinted waters. The flood, the flow, the me time to reflect, to be. It provokes feelings of rest & play - especially as I follow the organically made lines that arise from within the layers. I can't wait to experiment futher with washes & ink, line & colour, and see where the idea of cleansing takes me...