Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The "Coming Light" Exhibit

Celebrating Christmas through Art and Music

Reflecting on Advent, the Incarnation, Light, Birth, Waiting, Glory...

Brought to you by: Jennifer Lynn Haas and Sarah Dawn Bokma

Opening Night: Saturday December 13th, at the Freeway Cafe (333 King St. East, Hamilton), doors will open at 7pm and will close at 11pm.

Tickets: Can be purchased at the door for $10 per adult or $15 for two adults. $5 per student and children are FREE!

Local emerging artists will be featured along with live music performed by hamilton musicians. Come on out and support their creative expressions and celebrate Christmas with them!

Art work will be for sale. Thoses wishing to purchase a piece can do so through the Freeway Cafe or by contacting the artist. Art work will be on display at the Freeway Cafe for the month of December.

(photo taken at the event)

Art shown at this exhibit by Jennifer Lynn Haas include: "Perspective & Glory","She will be saved Through childbirth", "Advent: Cleaning Dirty Laundry", "After the Angel had Left"

"Perspective & Glory" is about taking a good look at the nativity—to see the glory displayed in both simple and extravagant ways. To “walk” around the entire scene and take it all in. See the love and worship displayed along with human fragility and brokenness.

"She will be Saved Through Childbirth" shows the many layers to the true Christmas story through the layers of image and paper. This metanarative began with a rebellion against God and a promise that God would intercede and reconnect our hearts to Him. This piece looks at the promise, and rejoices at its fulfillment.

"Advent: Cleaning Dirty Laundry" is a piece about Advent. For Christians, Advent is a time of preparation--of repentance--as they await their King and Saviour, Jesus. In this piece I investigate how humankind must regularly keep clean and ‘do the laundry’...this idea ties in with needing to regularly confess sins. Also, since their is a drying process for any and all washing, cleaning has a quality of waiting about it. So too for Advent, Christians await the promised Messiah who can truly make them 'clean'.
The Christian colour for advent is purple. The dark sky is reflective of that. Purple means mourning (our sins) and royalty (King Jesus is coming). The sky also indicates that much time has past; the night sky turns into twilight and than to dawn. With the light, so comes the promised Saviour.

"After the Angel had Left" is a piece looks at Mary and her response to the Angel’s news; she will conceive and give birth to a son who will save. I wonder what her face would have looked like just after…filled with wonder, concern, peace, questions. My wondering leads me to ask: How will I respond to God’s call, or more yet, how will I respond to this son who saves?

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Jessica said...

This piece is really beautiful! I'm excited for your show.