Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Title:A Sprout among Thorns
Size: 23 inches x 29 inches x 1/2 of an inch (Framed)
Date: December 2008
Medium: paper college

Within this paper college I have juxtaposed a ubiquitous plant with the small beginnings of a sprout. It is to act as a metaphor for the difference between the lust for power and glamour and meek service in the face of such power. Although the solitary sprout poses no threat to the crowd of foliage it beautifully displays an authority of its own. In its meekness is another sort of power and beauty that glitters in its own way. The sprout out-shines the grandeur, power and glamour of the dominant and warmly invites the viewer to contemplate how its humility can provoke in so much wonder. If only we had the eyes to see and the will to participate in such humility…

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